Engage students with interactive video

Use VideoAsk as a video education tool to onboard students, create dynamic learning experiences, and test their knowledge.

Make student orientation memorable

Introduce yourself and your course, and address common questions people might have before they sign up.

Gamify your material to engage students

Create dynamic, entertaining quizzes with branching logic. Plus, you can choose how students respond—whether it’s text, audio, or video.

Score efficiently with data collection

Measure your students’ performance and get crystal-clear result reports right in your workspace.

Connect personally with students, at scale

Respond with a click

Students can respond to your video in 9 different ways, including sending a video back. They don’t even need an account to answer.

Sort through data fast

Downloadable videos

Kyle delights his students with a welcome videoask

I use VideoAsk to welcome students to my course and create an authentic dialogue with them.

Kyle Weeks — Online Course Creator @ Wine Primer