Candidate outreach template

Reach out to potential candidates via video to build a strong talent pipeline for your organization. Showcase your company culture, explain more about the job opportunity and perks, and give candidates a glimpse into the team.


Bug report template

Get all the information you need to debug a technical problem efficiently by guiding users through a troubleshooting videoask.

Interview follow-up template

Ensure a positive candidate experience. Use interactive video when you send your follow-up email after the interview.

Lead qualification template

Build a thriving customer base and convert prospects into loyal customers with more effective lead qualification.

Employee onboarding video template

Streamline employee onboarding by creating a videoask that gets new hires acquainted to your work culture and team members.

Lead nurture template

Push leads closer to checkout by engaging them with content they're really interested in.

Case study interview template

Get valuable insights into how your customers are using your product with case study interviews people want to answer.

Candidate outreach template

Boost candidate outreach by attracting potential candidates with interactive video.

Interview schedule template

Give a great first impression by sending a warm video message inviting promising applicants to book a live interview.

Lead generation template

Use our video template to create your own video funnel, and start collecting more higher quality leads today.

Job application template

Establish a personal connection with candidates from the start when you collect job applications using VideoAsk.

Testimonial collection template

Ask your customers in person how much they love you. Show them off to the rest!

Video interview tips template

Put candidates at ease by offering more information about what they can expect while going through the application process.

Candidate rejection template

Notify a candidate that their application has been unsuccessful and request feedback on the recruitment process.

Contact form template

Get people’s details with this video contact form and add a personal touch to your everyday interactions.

One way video interview template

Make virtual recruitment more personal at scale with pre-recorded video interviews.

Event welcome template

Reach out to people who sign up for your event in a personal way that engages them ahead of time and helps you optimize what you have planned.

NPS® Survey Template

Measure customer satisfaction in style with a personal and engaging video feedback form.

Candidate evaluation form template

Use pre-recorded video to screen and interview applicants.